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E SABBA AND E CALENDAR: LUNAR OR SOLAR? ere will always be people wi new and in ative excuses for not obeying God, especially when it comes to observing his four commandment: Remember e Sabba day to keep it holy. One such argument revolves around e idea at e lunar/solar calendar in use today by e Jewish people is not e same kind of calendar which was in . When you count from Sabba to Sabba ere are 8 days just like in Isaiah 66:23 where you have from one New Moon to ano er and from one Sabba to ano er (8 days apart). is proves at Solomon kept e 8, 15, 22nd and 29 days of e moon as Sabba s and never counted e New Moon as one of e six workdays. e phrase seven weeks should be 49 days by standard calendars. By a lunar-solar calendar, however, it would be 51-52 days. Leviticus 23 and Daniel 9 bo establish at seven weeks are 49 days. And at simply disproves e lunar-Sabba idea. As a nail in a sure place, is record of Joshua given forty years after e Exodus confirms at not only were e lunar calendar dates e same for ree mon s in a row at its commencement, but at every mon of every year for e full forty years, e Creator’s astro-luni-solar calendar consistently places e sacred seven -day Sabba. 21,  · But Lunar Sabba keepers believe at e regular Sabba falls on certain days of every mon. ey choose to keep e regular Sabba on e 8, 15, 22nd, and 29 day of every lunar mon. A few do it on e 7, 14, 21st and 28 days of each lunar mon but for e sake of simplicity we will address ose who keep it on e 8, 15. Downfall of Lunar Sabba eory ere is a teaching at is absolutely ridiculous. It's called e Lunar Sabba. is eory teaches at you should keep e weekly day of rest and assembly on e 7, 14, 21st and 28 day of each mon instead of e 7 day of each week. ere are en Lunar Sabba s on e 15, 22nd, and 29 of April. e count to Shavuot started on e sixteen of e first lunar mon, 16 April, after a Lunar Sabba. is lunar mon only had twenty-nine days because e next visible new moon was on 30 April. Lunar Sabba s has 2,120 members. YHWH's true Sabba according to scripture was calculated according to a lunar/solar calendar at constituted New moon. e Lunar Sabba eory is eory says at e fixed traditional Sabba keeping every seven day from Friday sunset rough Saturday sunset is a corruption of an original biblical Sabba based on e lunar cycle. Under is model, e Sabba always falls on e 8, 15, 22st and 29 day of each lunar mon. On e Biblical. I would like people in e lunar-solar sabba, Restoration of sabba , to be able to get in contact wi each o er. ere are SO many LONGING for fellowship and are at loss on how to find each o er.Hope is blog will help. True Biblical Sabba: A holy day of rest, it is e seven and last day of each week in a lunation. e weekly cycle restarts wi each New Moon. Four complete weeks follow New Moon Day. New Moon Day: e significance of e new moon in Bible times is at it ked e beginning of a new mon (e Hebrew calendar is lunar-based), and it was a time when e Israelites were to bring an. 3 Consecutive Mon s PROVES Lunar Sabba - If it were shown at e Sabba day was on e same day of e mon for 3 consecutive mon s, is would not only disprove e continuous weekly cycle, but it would prove lunar Sabba s. Not only at, e Sabba was still on e same day of e mon 40 years later, and still on e same day of e mon 0's of years later an at. If e Sabba is indeed to be reckoned from e moon as Lunar Cycle Sabba calendar proponents claim, en one must consider why we find at God rested on e 7 day of creation (which was e four day of e moon) ra er an resting on e day from e beginning of creation. Also, if originally e New Moon was celebrated in e same way as e Sabba, as e Universal. e lunar Sabba was succeeded by e seven-day weekly Sabba wi out confusion, and e mention of e Sabba in Exodus 31:13 and elsewhere, be taken to refer to e lunar day. Sunday e World’s Rest Day, e Sabba, e Day Which Divine Love Established and Human Love Must Preserve, eodore Gilman, p. 479. e lunar Sabba drine defies simple reasoning and ma as well. As e Sunday law is to force Sabba keepers into disobedience of e true Sabba, e lunar As e solar calendar adds one day (Feb. 29) every 4 year, e luni-solar calendar adds 1. e history of e lunar Sabba teaching wi in e Seven -day Adventist Church is e sad story of a cover-up spanning ades. Heaven has tried many times to bring is tru to e world, but each time spiritual pride or fear of e consequences of accepting such a radically different tru has led e Church to reject it and, still more, to cover up e evidences in support of is tru. - e Sabba, as king e end of e week, reveals its lunar origin. e phases of e moon having t e shepherds, whose weal or wo depended so largely upon e benevolence or malevolence of e night season, to divide e period elapsing between two new moons into four equal groups (weeks), e last day of each—in imitation of e moon's coming to rest, as it were—becoming e. A new eory about e Lunar Sabba is gaining popularity among Sabba keepers and is causing em to question if we are truly keeping e Biblical Sabba. Comments. If you like is video, share it wi your friends and family so ey can UNLEARN e lies wi us. If you want to see more videos like is one, subscribe to my YouTube channel. 8, 15, 22nd and 29 days of e mon in e view of e Lunar Sabba system. is is what ey admit in eir own writings, On e Biblical lunar-solar calendar, each lunation (or lunar mon) always begins wi a New Moon day, which is in a class of worship day all by itself. Six work days follow on e second rough seven of e. e Lunar Sabba e Creator's Calendar. It is e True day of rest in e Bible.New Moon begins e mon.Mon s are 30 days. Prophetic years are 360.Rest. Far from presenting two different systems of time-keeping, Scripture presents only one: e lunar-solar calendar by which e annual feasts as well as e seven -day Sabba, are to be calculated. Leviticus 23 is a listing of e holy feasts of YEHOVAH God. Viewpoint 2 - e weekly Sabba is calculated from e lunar phases – Sabba is luni-solar (calculated by e phases of e moon) – not Saturday . In is view, counting from e sighting of e new moon, e eigh, fifteen, twenty-second and twenty-nin day of e lunar . Calendar - Calendar - Ancient and religious calendar systems: e lunisolar calendar, in which mon s are lunar but years are solar— at is, are brought into line wi e course of e Sun—was used in e early civilizations of e whole Middle East, except Egypt, and in Greece. e formula was probably invented in Mesopotamia in e 3rd millennium bce. Messiah and lunar Sabba LUNAR SABBA Sabba in Creation True Pentecost Pentecost Proves L. S. Paul kept Pentecost in 4 Mon Philo's Pentecost 15 Called 7 Day 22nd called 7 day Traditional Cycle Impossiable! History and lunar Sabba Audios True Equinox I.N.D. Proves Lunar Sa 4 day in Creation Definition of 7 day. Because 12 lunations are 11 days shorter an a solar year, lunar mon s float rough e seasons. Luni-solar: e sun and e moon functioning toge er make a luni-solar calendar. Lunations are adjusted to e longer solar year by adding a 13 mon seven times in 19 years. e weekly cycle restarts wi every new moon. But on Sabba it shall be opened and in e day of e new moon it shall be opened. (Ezekiel 46:1) As an example, you have noted at many messianic believers and followers of Judaism kept Passover on Monday evening, ch 25, and Unleavened Bread for seven days until Monday, April 1, . A Pre-exilic Hebrew Solar-Lunar Calendar. tin Allen Cragg: Private Researcher Abstract is is a Solar-Lunar development of a 364 year Solar calendar uploaded here in [1]. Unlike e Babylonian and Jewish calendars, at are corrected by intercalating a irteen mon, is calendar always has twelve mon years. Lunar Sabba Unbunked 1, rebuttal to Tom tincic's article Bee of e Lunar Sabba . (MP3, 133 Megs, 145 minutes) Lunar Sabba Unbunked 2, rebuttal to Shauna Manfredine's article Calculating e Weekly Sabba: Luni-Solar or Seven Day of e Week? (MP3, 36 Megs, 39 minutes) Videos. Origins of Saturday Sabba, posted by 5Ducklings. Ano er point used to support e lunar Sabba s is e use of e Spirit of Prophecy. is is one of e most obvious blunders of is idea. e only Sabba supported by e Spirit of Prophecy is e Sabba we have all kept for e past 0+ years! When inking men find at our restaurants are closed on e Sabba, ey will make. One example is in e Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 5, p 4, Sabba and New Moon (Rosh Hodesh), bo periodically recurring in e course of e year. e New Moon is still and e Sabba originally was, dependent upon e lunar cycle. is is of fur er proof at Romanism did attempt to change Sabba. (emphasis is added). Sabba year for e land and en e count starts over. e count for e Sabba year for e land is e same as e count for e weekly Sabba, except e count is in years instead of days. God is building a pattern based on sevens wi a simple one rough seven count for each part of is pattern, all of which disproves lunar sabba s. 19,  · LuniSolar Sabba Keepers Present: SDAs and e Lunar Sabba. Produced By World's Last Chance. 19,  · LuniSolar Sabba Keepers Present: International Date Line Change - e Sabba Unchanged. Produced By World's Last Chance. 23,  · 1). ere is not a good correlation wi e solar cycle. I realize at by e time ey came back from Babylon at is appears to be e pri y way at eir sabba s were observed. However, is system meshes e lunar wi e solar cycles atrociously as it is only corrected every 3 to 4 years or 7 times in e course of 19 years. e lunar Sabba s are in total contradiction to e seven-day cycle given to us by God at Creation. e concept of e lunar Sabba uses e moon to determine when e week begins and ends. is being e case, e Sabba might begin on any day of e week. e moon has a 29.5 day cycle. Once again, Lunar Sabbatarians begin counting a 7 day week by calling e 2nd day of e mon (e 1st day after a New Moon Day) e 1st day of e week . e Sabba is on e 8 day of e mon . According to Lunar Sabba -Keepers, e Sabba will always be on e 8, 15, 22nd, and 29 of . Lunar Sabba observers will ga er at e shofar call to hear Yah’s Word, offer prayers, sing praise, worship Elohim and enjoy e fellowship of o er believers in Yahshuah’s presence. us says Sovereign YAHUAH. e gate of e inner court at looks tod e east shall be shut e six working days. e Hebrew calendar is luni-solar in design. is main feature dates back to Creation—when God appointed e sun and moon to be for signs, seasons, days, and years (Genesis 1:14). While e mon s are lunar—being founded on e calculations of a lunar cycle—every nineteen year e calendar returns to e same date in e solar year. 11. Most feast keepers observe Pentecost in e Spring, yet e only wheat harvest in Scripture is in e summer. 12. ere are only two kinds of days wi e Gregorian calendar, work days and Sabba s. ere is a ird category in Scripture: New Moon day.See study below. 13. Some say at a repeating seven day calendar week goes all e way back to Creation. All of e combined evidence suggests at Jesus was irty- ree full solar years of age at his dea, 45 reckoned according e biblical lunar-solar calendar count. 46 In Dating e Bir of Jesus Christ, evidence was presented supporting e conclusion at Jesus’s actual life span was irty- ree years and ree or four mon s (not. Jesus kept e Lunar Sabba Yeshua healed a blind man on e Sabba, e 22nd day of e seven mon. John 7:2 says at it was e Feast of Tabernacles, and John 7:37 says at on e last great day of e seven day feast, Yeshua announced at he was e source of living water. is one-of-a-kind program is not available anywhere else in e world. • Lunar Sabba Application • It supplies a Lunar-Solar Biblical calendar wi corresponding Gregorian dates. • It provides a Gregorian calendar wi corresponding Lunar-Solar Biblical calendar dates. e Moedim are lunar/solar, not just lunar. Each day has to include bo e sun and e moon in order for e order of YHWH's calendar to be correct. Whe er it be a weekly Sabba or an annual Sabba, e moon and e sun have to do eir part or YHWH is a lier. New Moon is still, and e Sabba originally was, dependent upon e lunar cycle Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 4 each lunar mon was divided into four parts, corresponding to . Leviticus 23:15-16. Probably one of e best arguments against e lunar Sabba concerns Pentecost. God instructs at e Day of Pentecost, correctly counted, will always occur on e day after a Sabba. You are to count seven complete weeks starting from e day after e Sabba, e day you brought e sheaf of e presentation offering.

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