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OPR’s Recommendations for CEQA Meetings For public meetings subject to e Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act and e Ralph M. Brown Act, OPR notes at e Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 (EO) au orized public meetings via conference call or electronically and waived any requirements around a physical presence of members or staff at a public location while social distancing is imposed or . Deadlines, Noticing, and Filing Requirements. Pursuant to Executive Order N-80-20, signed on 23, certain requirements for filing, noticing, and posting of CEQA documents wi county clerk offices have been conditionally suspended and alternate requirements must be taken in lieu of ose requirements. CEQA - Regulatory Background • CEQA: California Environmental Quality Act • (Public Resources Code §2 83.9). [A] lead agency shall call at least one scoping meeting for [a] project of statewide, regional, or areawidesignificance • (14 CCR §15251(g.. CEQA Scoping Meeting • To provide an update on e proposed OCs TMDLs. • To obtain comments on: – A range of alternatives – Significant or potentially significant environmental impacts of e project – Measures to mitigate any significant environmental impacts of is project – BMPs presently being implemented and eir costs. To help determine e scope of e impacts at will be assessed under CEQA, e CPUC has solicited input from e public and interested agencies on environmental impacts, mitigation measures, and any o er potential concerns associated wi e proposed project. Apr 11,  · NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN at San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) staff will hold a public workshop and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) scoping meeting to seek public input regarding e scope, content, and potential impacts of e Basin Plan amendment at e time and location provided above. e amendment would establish . ´Scoping meeting ´ Notice of Completion (NOC) and Notice of Availability ´(NOA) to start minimum 45-day Draft EIR public review – ´Responses to comments sent to responding public agencies days before EIR certification ´Public hearing generally held for discretionary approval ´EIR certification, project approval, CEQA findings. A written reply specifying e scope and content of e environmental information in e EIR at e responsible agency needs to review. Responses must be limited to environmental information wi in e responsible agency's area of statutory responsibility. Responses . 5. DOES EVERY PROJECT REQUIRE CEQA REVIEW? No. CEQA only applies to projects at require discretionary permits from a state public agency. e agency must have some discretion in how e project can be conducted for CEQA to apply, and e project must be one at could result in an adverse change to e environment. View e scoping meeting PowerPoint slide k. Watch e video of e scoping meeting. Comments on e scope of e EIR will be accepted in writing (see e Notice of Preparation for mailing address), or via email. to email comments on e scope of e EIR for is project: [email protected] Please reference e project. ch CEQA Scoping Meeting. Proposed MS4 Source Control Measures. Potential requirements: • Implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs • Education and Outreach programs for residential and commercial pesticide users • Encouragement of participation in e pesticide regulatory process. is page provides an overview of specific requirements for complying wi e California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) associated wi submitting, reviewing, and processing a new or revised solid waste facility permit. is page is not intended to provide guidance for lead agencies on e preparation of CEQA documents. 19,  · is bill would exempt from e requirements of CEQA emergency shelters, supportive housings, and transitional housings meeting certain requirements. CEQA requires e Office of Planning and Research to prepare and develop, and e Secretary of e Natural Resources Agency to certify and adopt, proposed guidelines for e implementation of CEQA. e California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is California's broadest environmental law. CEQA helps to guide e Department during issuance of permits and approval of projects. Courts have interpreted CEQA to afford e fullest protection of e environment wi in e reasonable scope . CEQA/Scoping Meeting e California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a statute at requires state and local agencies to identify e significant environmental impacts of eir actions and to avoid or mitigate ose impacts, if feasible. If it applies, what are e basic requirements . NEPA/CEQA Environmental Process New Starts Funding Process Community Engagement * Scoping Period *Community engagement will include scoping meetings, stakeholder outreach, and targeted community forums at fu lll Title VI requirements. A community outreach plan and strategy will be developed to have targeted community forums at all e station. Solicit comments on e scope of e EIR for not less an 30 days and conduct a scoping meeting. (State CEQA Guidelines §§ 15082 and 15083) Prepare and publish a Draft EIR. File a Notice of Completion wi e State Clearinghouse and publish/distribute a Notice of Availability for e Draft EIR. (State CEQA Guidelines § 15085). 15,  · Existing law also requires an agency to hold a scoping meeting for a project if it is of statewide, regional, or areawide significance, or if it affect highways and Caltrans has requested. 1. Initiating e EIR Process: Virtual scoping meeting. Al ough a scoping meeting is only required for projects of statewide, regional, or areawide significance, Lead Agencies typically hold a scoping meeting as a best practice to solicit input on e scope of e Draft EIR. How CEQA applies to CDFW programs and jurisdictions. Any public agency (state or local) be a CEQA lead agency or have CEQA obligations. e best resources for general CEQA information, regardless of lead agency, are e Office of Planning and Research, e Natural Resources Agency and your local county planner's office.. CEQA applies to all discretionary projects proposed to be . Every city and county must have a general plan, which is e local government’s long-term framework or constitution for development. A general plan is a project under e California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), so a local government must analyze – and where feasible mitigate – . 19,  · bo CEQA and NEPA. Meaningful public engagement roughout e Stockton Diamond Grade aration planning process is vital so at project solutions serve our regional needs. Virtual Public Scoping Meetings. For your convenience, and to allow participation in a safe environment while social distancing. Scoping Process CEQA Requirements • 30-day public scoping period begins wi issuance of NOP [CCR §15082(b)]. • Formal scoping meetings are optional [CCR §15083], unless e project is of statewide, regional, or areawide significance (CCR §15206), and en lead agency conducts one scoping meeting [CCR §15082(c)(1). PRC §2 83.9(a)]. Affected agencies, organizations, and e public are also invited to participate in a public scoping meeting for e proposed EIR/EIS consistent wi e requirements of CEQA Guidelines Sec. 15082(c). Two public scoping meetings will be conducted for e project. e public scoping. e City’s environmental review process is established by e California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). e California Environmental Quality Act was enacted in 1970, and is similar to e National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). e City’s Municipal Code specifically assigns e responsibility for implementation of CEQA to e Planning Department and is charged wi. wi CEQA requirements. Be el Church of Redding Collyer Drive Campus Planned Development Project Fact Sheet ANTICIPATED CEQA REVIEW SCHEDULE Scoping Period uary 26, to ch 11, Scoping Meetings February 9, and February 23, Draft EIR y Final EIR Late / Early 5 299 provided safety and security lighting. SB 226 amends CEQA by allowing e meetings required by e Planning and Zoning law in connection wi General Plan adoption or amendments to be held concurrently wi e CEQA scoping meetings. Scoping Meeting. No isions about e Project will be made at e Public Scoping Meeting. A arate public hearing for Municipal Code entitlement requests will be scheduled after e completion of e EIR. e date, time, and location of e Public Scoping Meeting are as follows: Date: ust 22, Time: 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. E. Scoping Meetings. Scoping Meetings Wi Responsible or Trustee Agencies 8.19. 2. Consultation Wi Members of Public 8.20. 3. Public Scoping Meeting Required for Projects of Statewide, Regional, or Areawide Significance 8.21. F. Coordination of Consultation Wi Preparation of EIR 8.22. Transit Project National Environmental Policy Act Scoping Report (SANDAG, b) provide additional information on e respective scoping processes. 8.3.1 California Environmental Quality Act Scoping is section describes e scoping notice process, scoping meetings, and key public and agency comments received during CEQA scoping. Subscribe to our newsletters and client alerts and receive our attorneys’ and professionals’ unique insights on recent trends and developments in e legal world in over 30 different areas of law. Find a list of recent newsletters below. Agency as exempt from certain requirements of CEQA (Public Resources Code, § 2 80.5, subd. (c).). Under is exemption, e Policy and its supporting documentation will substitute for an Environmental Impact Report. A scoping meeting is e first step in e public consultation process. Following public. Step 1: Scoping Developing an EIR/EIS always begins by issuing a Notice of Preparation (for CEQA) and Notice of Intent (for NEPA) at officially kicks off a minimum 30-day scoping period, during which project planners identify existing issues a new project will address and alternatives at will . e California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a statute at requires state and local agencies to identify potential environmental impacts, to avoid or mitigate ose impacts, if feasible. A public agency must comply wi CEQA requirements when it undertakes an activity defined by CEQA as a project , such as e CSE revision. e California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) is a California statute passed in 1970 and signed in to law by en-Governor Ronald Reagan, shortly after e United States federal government passed e National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), to institute a statewide policy of environmental protection. CEQA does not directly regulate land uses, but instead requires state and local agencies. 09,  · Meeting Objectives:. Program Development to mirror e policy development meetings 2. Execute business actions for CV-SALTS. AGENDA. 1) Welcome/Introductions - Consent Calendar – Chair a) Committee Roll Call/ Roster b) Review/Approve y 12, Notes. 2) CEQA Scoping Meeting Status – Jeanne Chilcott - 15 min. e scoping meeting presented e project’s purpose, need and objectives, as well as e potential alternatives under consideration (please see e project's Scoping Report for more information). Materials from e scoping meeting are also available for viewing at e I-81 Viaduct Project Outreach Center at e Carnegie Building, located at. Eventbrite - AEP VP of Events, San Francisco presents Preparing for e Public Speaking Side of CEQA - Tuesday, 17, at Stantec, San Francisco, CA. Find event and ticket information. Join AEP as we navigate strategies for public speaking at various stages of e CEQA process, including scoping meetings, approval hearings. CEQA SCOPING MEETING. Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) CalEPA BUILDING ere are social consequences for e 1 in 8 to e food on a daily basis. is is part of what 24 e legislature focused on when ey adopted e SB 1383 25 requirements. 6 CALIFORNIA REPORTING, LLC 229 Napa Street, Rodeo, California. Coordinated and led economic and socioeconomic workshops wi clients to communicate economic and social implications of specific projects. Scheduled and facilitated public and NGO meetings to communicate NEPA/CEQA environmental and social requirements and to address public comments during e drafting, scoping, and production stages of reports. Scoping under e auspices of NEPA and CEQA will be part of public involvement plan, but e plan will go beyond ose requirements. e plan will lay out specific activities at will be used during e entire planning/compliance effort to bo inform e public and solicit public response regarding e public's needs, values, and evaluations. determine if a project is consistent wi is EIR pursuant to CEQA requirements. Where specified in is EIR, f uture development and redevelopment projects would be required to applying social and natural sciences to make a 1 CEQA Section 2 83.9 requires at a lead agency call at least one scoping meeting for a project of statewide. 1 43 -MN-P DEPARTMENT OF E INTERIOR Bureau of Reclamation Joint Operations Center Relocation Project, Sacramento County, California AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation, Interior. ACTION: Notice of intent to prepare an environmental impact statement/environmental impact report (EIS/EIR) and notice of public scoping meetings. Meeting Purpose • To obtain agency and public input and comment on e scope of e issues and analysis at e State Lands Commission should consider in e Environmental Impact Report (EIR) • To ensure at all oral comments presented today are recorded. 5 . VIRTUAL PUBLIC SCOPING MEETING To comply wi local and state social distancing requirements, an in-person scoping meeting will not be held. However, e Construction Au ority will host a virtual public scoping meeting as follows: Wednesday, e 24, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM. During is period, e agency also hold scoping meetings to receive oral and written comments from e public. Notice of any scoping meetings will generally be listed in e NOP. Once e draft EIR is complete, it is released for review, typically for 45-days, and a Notice of Completion (NOC) is published in a local newspaper. proposing to prepare an Environmental Impact Report pursuant to e California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Public Resources Code Section 2 00 et seq.) and e State CEQA Guidelines (California Code of notice meets e federal noticing requirements for a scoping notice for an Environmental Assessment and e Public Scoping Meetings.

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